Sunday, June 6, 2010

*Free Riichi-mahjong game site

While there is a East-wind-round-only game site which I introduce here,
*Try riichi-mahjong! It's totally FREE! (introduction)

this IS the site for the person who wish to play riichi-mahjong yet is not familiar with Kanji-characters!
Simple tutorial goes with the initial page which you will find with scrolling the page.

I have some to add...

You can call "Ron" only when you have at least one "yaku".
In other words, even if you have four sets and a pair, you cannot call "Ron" if you have no yaku.
For example, the yaku of the hand above is Tan-yao, All Simples, having no terminal or honor in each set.

More than thirty yaku exist but you do not have to memorize all when trying riichi-mahjong.

The easiest way to secure one yaku is as follows:

  1. Make your hand self-drawn:
      DO NOT USE chii(chow), pon(pung) or kan(kong)
  2. Declare riichi by pressing the riichi button
      which will appear automatically when you are ready to go out.

Your yaku is riichi. 1 fan.

Even if you follow my advice you may experience that you cannot call "Ron."
I guess you have already discarded the tile(s) related to your winning.
Note: you cannot call "Ron" if you have already discarded the tile related to your waiting ones.
For example, according to the picture above, if you have discarded not only 8 bamboo but 5 bamboo, you cannot call "Ron".

This is one of the toughest rule to master, self-sacred rule, or "furiten."
I will follow articles related to furiten in another page(s).

Still you can go out, calling "Tsumo" by drawing the tile you need. Good Luck!

PS: you may try your score plus minus zero and realize that Saki is not a human being but a monster \(^o^)/

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