Monday, June 7, 2010

Characters (Craks: Wanzu or Manzu)

This page is made so as to help memorizing characters (cracks).
You may found "1m"... It means 1 manzu or 1 wanzu
ex. "I should have discarded 1m instead of 2m to go out half flush."


  1. Saw this up on Crunchyroll. good info. Though kinda hard to translate between the names of Fourwinds' game and the Saki's terminology. Though I know that Saki is playing by the Japanese Modern rules.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Nate. One of what I intend to is to make "Wikipedia" related to mahjong including Fourwinds' game and the Japanese Modern rules, riichi-mahjong.

    So that one of what I did was to watch entire Saki story with English subtitle to gather terms used in modern English.

    For example, I didn't know the name "mixed triple chow" instead of "three similar sequences" found in the book I have, published by Tuttle.

    I wonder how many people dare to memorize the word "sansyoku" or three colors in Japanese.

  3. I did memorized it, but I´m learning japanese so I´ve found it funny and useful.