Thursday, June 17, 2010

Full Flush (Chin-itsu) Trainer 02

Kiyosumi Highschool's mahjong club members sing "to the world of score 10,000 100,000 1,000,000" at the ending theme.
Now we begin with 100,000 aiming 300,000 to win.

If your score becomes zero or lower, the game ends.

If your score exceeds 300,000 you win.

Below is a list of yaku which can be combined with chin-itsu 清一色(6)
Each number represents the fan of the score:

- Yaku designated by its formation -

1)一盃口 [Iipeikou] Two Identical Sequences “Pure Double Chow”
3)二盃口 [Ryanpeikou] Two Units of Two Identical Sequences

2)七対子 [Chiitoitsu] Seven Pairs: each pair must be unique.
8888 will not be accepted as two pairs.
Note: since the formation of this hand is so special, few hands will be combined.
Chin-itsu and Tan-yao are some exceptions.

2)一気通貫 [Ittsuu] Three Consecutive Sequences “Pure Straight”

1)断幺九 [Tan-yao] All Simples
3)純全帯幺 [Junchan] Terminal in Each Set

1)平和  (ピンフ) [Pinfu] No-points: All Sequences with waiting two way

2)対々和 [Toioti] Four Triplets

2)三暗刻 [San-ankou] Three Concealed Triplets
13)四暗刻 [Suuankou] (yakuman) Four Concealed Triplets

2)三槓子 [Sankantsu] Three Fours
13)四槓子 [Suukantsu](yakuman) Four Fours

- Yaku designated by its timing or procedure -

1)嶺上開花 [Rinsyankaihou] Supplement Tile “After a kong” 

13)天和 [Tenhou] Heavenly Hand
13)地和 [Chiihou] Earthly Hand
13)人和 [Renhou] Humanly Hand (Note: allowed in this game only)

1)リーチ [Riichi] Announce to be ready
2)ダブリー [Daburii(double-riichi)] Announce Riichi with First discard
1)一発 [Ippatsu] Winning after riichi within a first draw

1)ツモ [Tsumo] Concealed Self-Drawn

1)ハイテイ [Haitei] Winning with the last self-drawn tile
1)ホウテイ [Houtei] Winning with the last discarded tile

Can you visualize these yaku? if not, here are some samples:

2)七対子 [Chiitoitsu] Seven Pairs

2)一気通貫 [Ittsuu] Three Consecutive Sequences “Pure Straight”
1)一盃口 [Iipeikou] Two Identical Sequences “Pure Double Chow”
Note: this hand is not a pinfu

1)一盃口 [Iipeikou] Two Identical Sequences “Pure Double Chow”
1)平和 (ピンフ) [Pinfu] No-points: All Sequences with waiting two way
78 waits either 6 or 9: this case 6 is winning as well as iipeikou
if you win with 9, no iipeikou but pinfu will be accepted.

What is this hand? chiitoitsu?
It's ok, no one will contradict:
In this case, you can name the highest to claim.

If you declair this hand as chiitoitsu, your score is 9 fan
[Tsumo(1) + Chiitoi(2) + Chin-itsu(6)]

But if you claim this as ryanpeikou(3),
223344 + 77889 with wining 9
also pinfu(1) will be added.

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