Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Flush (Chin-itsu) Trainer 01


Someya Mako, a second grade student of Kiyosumi Highschool is good at making one-suit-only hand.
Of course Saki, Yuuki and Takei Hisa(buchou) make it handsome.
How about YOU?

...me? I'm training at this page.
Also the software is available to download on this site so that you can play it without www.


*Banboo tiles only.

*No chii(chou), pon(pung) is allowed so that the score secures 6 fan(haneman).
-If the score exceeds 5 fan, counting is really simple.
 from 6 to 7 fan : haneman, non-dealer 12000, dealer 18000
 from 8 to 10 fan : baiman, non-dealer 16000, dealer 24000
 from 10 to 12 fan : sanbaiman, non-dealer 24000, dealer 36000
 over 13 fan or yakuman : yonbaiman, non-dealer 32000, dealer 48000

*Unlike riichi mahjong the score will be added or subtracted same, either tsumo(self-drawn) or ron(claiming opponent's discard).

*Renhou(humanly hand), non-dealer's going out with other player's first discard. Counts as yakuman(32000).
Note: these days Renhou is not commonly accepted other than Tenhou or Chiihou.

If your hand is complete with the tile,

press right button of your mouse and choose 'ron'

Since the tile is dealer's first discard, you win Renho.

If you mistakenly choose "tsumo" or "ron",

penalty called"chonbo"  will be charged: dealer 12000, nondealer 8000

to be continued...


  1. That program could be useful...

  2. I hope a lot of people who visit my blog try this game and feel what "YAKUMAN" is...including tenho, heavenly hand and chiihou, earthly hand, either of which we have little chance to experience in the real game.

    Accumlating yaku to reach or exceed thirteen called "kazoe yakuman" is rather realistic and really exciting if attained in the real world.