Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*Try riichi-mahjong! It's totally FREE! (introduction)

Click OK to begin.

*Experience riichi-mahjong, like Saki plays!...maybe you will find a lot to demand but you know it's just FREE :P
*You play as "Saki": Your score is on the box located leftest: 21100
*You are a non-dealer: COM1 is the dealer, gaining one and half times higher score than non-dealer's when winning.
*The tile you draw is shown on the rightest.: 9 character.
*Discard what you don't need by clicking the tile.
-You can declair riichi by clicking the button next to the icon of the speaker which is the switch of the sound.
-You can make kong within your hand ('ankan' or concealed kong) anytime by clicking the button below the riichi button.
-Or you click the rightest button just for going forward without bothering kong.

This game is "tonpu-sen", east round only: you may remember what Kataoka "Tacos" Yuuki explains in Saki episode 1.

CONGRATS ! Press YES to go out: You can press NO if you need to.

Note: the tile indicated in the center of the field is dora, a bonus tile.
 If you have one dora, your yaku will step up one.
 And if you have two doras, your yaku will step up two.
In this game, the dora is the identical tile indicated in the center of the field. 4 Character is the dora now.
CAUTION: Today the dora is usually defined as THE NEXT TILE OF THE INDICATER.
 In this case, the dora is considered not as 4 Character but as 5 Character.
You will find further explanation including dora on this blog with "sakigame" label.

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