Friday, May 21, 2010

A tip to find articles related to anime Saki

The word "saki" means "blooming". Since it sounds impressive, Saki as a female name is popular. Also there are variations including Ito Misaki and Shibasaki Kou, both are popular TV actresses in Japan. Even characters in another anime have names related to Saki: for example, Sakuya.

So that if you intend to find articles related to anime Saki with search engine, hiring one word "Saki" is almost useless: too many noises will be accompanied with your results.

Try this:

咲 saki

I'm sorry the results will be written in Japanese, though.

Saki anime mahjong

may helpful for you.


  1. Is better to write 咲 saki アニメ (anime) or something like that, there´s a lot of "Saki" named women in the internet.

  2. Exactly, Ignatius. One of the problems is whether each PC can handle Japanese font sets. Of course one of the best words to find articles related to anime Saki are

    咲 saki アニメ