Sunday, May 23, 2010

*"Nikodou" or "Nikoniko douga" : YouTube?

"Nikodou" or "Nikoniko douga" is a movie feed service similar to YouTube.
The feature of Nikodou is you can directly "comment" on the scene of the film.

I recommend this site not because urging you to comment: Since this site is in Japan, few people understand slang except few, for instance, "wow" or "cool".

The charm of this site is full of MAD(imo:Mashup Anime Douga), some of which will entertain you, I swear.

Before you enjoy watching MAD, you have to register your minimum personal information.

What I introduce here are, really just a few of fun titles, as follows:
Note: You can watch flicks without displaying comments by clicking a baloon icon shown on the rim of the screen.

*with Evangelion

*with NARUTO

*with Railgun

*with Akagi

*with Godzilla

Again, this list represents just the tip of the iceberg of marvelous MADs!

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