Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best way to learn riichi-mahjong

I think the best way to learn riichi-mahjong is to obtain riichi-mahjong PC software sold in Japan and play it while consulting certain manual of riichi-mahjong.

I recommend you to visit the page of this blog to play riichi-mahjong with your PC.
*Simple but FREE experience of riichi-mahjong! (introduction)

Problem: I don't think there are software of riichi-mahjong in English so that you have to "decode" Kanji characters to understand directions including various hands or "yaku".

I will make a list of yaku and upload on this blog so that at least you can understand the concept of each yaku easier: I promise I will show you a software of English version, if available someday.

If you live in Kanto Area in Japan, Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa or Saitama, I will visit and instruct you how to play riichi-mahjong, thirty-minute lecture plus exercise on PC, with a reasonable fee.
Mail me for further information.

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