Sunday, May 23, 2010

*DVDs offer what TV series didn't

Here's a link for Amazon:
Saki DVDs

So that still you have enough reason to buy original DVD packages
even if you have watched the series several times to memorize whole story:

CAUTION: these DVDs are released in region 2 so that you might need to watch DVDs with your PC which has already been installed of region-free patch, which is available on the net.

Furthermore, each first-edition package contains a booklet including rough sketches of charcters.

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  1. And there´s something that we don´t really need. Saki was aired at 2.A.M in Japan. So I thought something like this will happen with the DVD.

    Still I prefer the censored scenes, because I don´t need uncensored ones. And this is uncommon for me...