Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pinfu 03 - CAUTION when the pair is honors

Pinfu means 'peace' in Japanese and 'mild' in Chinese.
But I think pinfu may be troublesome for newcomers in certain way.
One of the feature which includes problem is, this time, the head.

Not only suits but honors can be the pair (the eyes or the head) in pinfu.
But it does not mean any honors are OK with the head in pinfu.

For instance, no dragon, either white, red or green is accepted as a head of pinfu.
This rule is relatively easy.

The problem IS, neither round wind nor player's wind is allowed as a head of pinfu.
So that a beginner who doesn't (or can't) care what is the round wind or his own wind may make a hand with honors which will not be regarded as pinfu.

You can understand that the dealer never make a pinfu with a head made of east:
Because the dealer's own wind is always east.

Self-drawn is still OK because he will secure at least one yaku, concealed self-drawn or 'tsumo'.
If he tries to go out with other player's discard, he will pay a penalty called 'chombo'. 8000 if he is a non-dealer,
12000 if he is a dealer.

Conclusion: if you are new comer, you had better call 'riichi' in case your hand 'seems to be' pinfu and your head is made of honors.

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